ML Series - Micro 600, Mini-Sprint and Dwarf/Mod-Lites 
The PureMax ML Series is a premium racing engine oil formulated specifically for the Micro 600, Mini-Sprint and Mod-Lite/Dwarf Car racing engines using the most modern additive technology and state of the art base oil that features a high viscosity index. The PureMax Racing Oil contains specially designed, technologically advanced, rigorously tested and field proven additive systems to give you the Pure Performance and Maximum protection for your exact application. 

Retail Price - One Gallon $54.20
Five Gallon Pail - $251.90
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Micro 600, Mini-Sprint and Mod-Lite Product Section
CL Series - Chain Lube 
The PureMax CL Series  is premium chain lube and is 100% Pure Lubrication, ZERO PROPELLANT. The PureMax Chain Lube provides maximum protection and power transfer. The high film strength and stable viscosity provide excellent adhesion and anti-fling properties and is compatible with O-ring and Non-O-ring chain.

Retail Price 16oz. Bottle - $18.04    
PureMax Racing Oil Filters for Micro 600 Racing Engines
Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki
The PureMax Racing Oil Filters have been developed for the Micro 600 racing engines. These filters use the best proven technolgy available to provide you with a great Hi-Flow filtration system. These filters and the technology inside have been rigorously tested and proven. They include a hi flow filter medium, Anti-Drain back valve, by-pass and a strong center support tube. PureMax continues to provide the Pure Performance and Maximum Protection you need for your exact application   

Retail Price
221258 Yamaha Kawasaki  $
221259 Suzuki                     $
Crate Engine and Spec Engine Classes Product Section
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The PureMax Racing Oil ULTRA QC LOW DRAG GEAR OIL is a synthetic extreme pressure gear oil specifically formulated for Crate Engine and Spec Engine classes. The ULTRA QC provides significant increased power transfer, cooler rearend temperatures, decreased drag and friction allowing you to get more power to the ground.
The PureMax ULTRA QC Series provides a high viscosity index allowing it to maintain its viscosity for lasting protection against metal to metal contact. The Use of the proprietary premium base oil allows the ULTRA QC Series the ability to provide better friction and heat reduction and superior bearing and gear protection. The PUREMAX ULTRA QC Gives you the Pure Performance and Maximum Protection you need for your exact application.

Retail Price One Gallon - $136.00    
The PureMax ULTIMATE CE Series Racing Engine Oil is specifically formulated for the 602/604 GM crate and other spec racing engine classes. This formulation uses the latest and most advanced formulation technology with our superior proprietary base oil that feature a superior viscosity index, blended with the most advanced additive technology. 
The PUREMAX ULTIMATE CE Series provides increased horsepower, torque and added protection to critical engine components from extreme loads and high temperatures. It also provides excellent protection during sustained high engine RPM, reduces friction, heat and wear. The ULTIMATE CE Series gives you the Pure Performance and Maximum Protection you need for your exact application

Retail Price One Gallon - $54.20