The PureMax Racing Oil Product Line offers the ultimate in advanced oil technology. Our products exceed the demands of the toughest racing applications for high levels of advanced protection and performance. They contain specially designed, technologically advanced, rigorously tested, and field proven additive systems providing unsurpassed performance. These high quality racing oil formulations offer a high viscosity index formulated with the most modern additive technology and our premium proprietary base oil to meet the demands of the specific application. The PureMax Racing Oil high quality formulas provide added protection longer than other racing oils. PureMax Racing Oil gives you the Pure Performance and Maximum Protection you need to meet the exact demands of your application. 
We have formulated racing engine oils to meet the demands of Quarter Midgets and Karts for the Brigg's & Stratton and Honda 120/160, Micro 600, Mini-Sprints and Dwarf/Mod-Lites, GM Crate Engines for B-Mods and Crate Late Models, Sprint Cars 305-360-410, A-Mods and Dirt/ Pavement Late Model open engines. We also offer our QC Series Quick change gear oil and the best shock oils in 2.5#, 5# and our Pro-1 Series.   

If you demand the absolute best oil to meet the demands of your exact application look no further than PureMax Racing Oil .  

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